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Telstra Satellite Airtime is great for frequent users, or users that want to have a constantly ‘active’ satellite service. 


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Please compare Telstra Post-Paid Airtime plans below, or for more information please read the Iridium Pre-Paid Information Document (under the Downloads Tab).

Please Note: These plans are NOT designed for the Iridium GO!




Telstra to Fixed
or Mobile
(Per 30 sec)



$45 12/24 Months $0.99 $0.50


$75 12/24 Months $0.65 $0.50


$135 12/24 Months $0.50 $0.50

Things you need to know

  1. Calls made from outside Australia to a fixed or mobile service within Australia, or made to another Telstra mobile satellite service located within, or outside Australia (per 30 seconds or part thereof) are charged at $1.07(ex GST).

  2. Incoming calls diverted directly to, or retrieved from, a Telstra MessageBank® or Telstra Memo® service within Australia (per 30 seconds or part thereof) are charged at $0.43.

  3. Calls made from within Australia to a fixed or mobile service located outside Australia (per 30 seconds or part thereof) are charged at $1.75.

  4. Unused call credit expires monthly.

  5. To be eligible for the Group Plan a minimum of 2 active services, each on a TMS 35, TMS 55, TMS 85 or TMS 130 plan must be connected on the one Group Plan account. If the total combined monthly access fee of the services on the Group Plan is less than $175, then you will be charged $175 as the monthly access fee for the Group Plan.

  6. There is no voice call capability with the TMS Data only plan.

  7. Iridium Satellite LLC is prohibited from providing products and service to some countries. At present these include (and are subject to change): Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Poland. Therefore, use of your Telstra Mobile Satellite phone in some countries may be illegal.

  8. If you are planning on making and receiving calls or SMS to Telstra's Iridium service from a carrier that is not Telstra, please confirm with your carrier on their ability to interact with Telstra's Iridium service. (EG: OPTUS Mobile services will not be able to SMS the Telstra Satellite Service)

  9. Calls Made from a Telstra landline or Telstra Mobile phone are charged at $0.80 per 30 seconds, plus a $0.40 call connection charge. Charges may be subject to bonus option or other discounts, as determined by the caller's Telstra mobile service plan.

  10. All standard text messages sent from Telstra Mobile Phones are charged at $0.50, and this will be deducted from any monthly credit a mobile phone account has. EG: If a Telstra Mobile Account has unlimited SMS’s there will never be a cost for SMS’s to a Telstra Satellite Phone, or if a Telstra Mobile Account has a credit limit, SMS’s will only be charged once they have exceeded their credit limit for that month. Charges may be subject to change, or additional charges, as determined by the caller's Telstra mobile service plan.

  11. For customers using mobile or landlines outside the Telstra network, it is recommended that they call their service provider for the most up to date call costs, for calling a Telstra Iridium Satellite phone.

SIM Card Only - Does NOT include a handset or any other accessories.

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