SPS Road Flares 6PK Special


Are you prepared for a sudden breakdown?

15 super bright LED's (12 amber, 3 white) combined with 9 unique light modes will ensure that you're seen and can signal for assistance. Leave your safety flares in the pouring rain or drive over them with your car - they're built to last! Plus, super strong rear earth magnetics will keep them secured to the side of your car or 4WD.

SPS Special

Shatterproof - Never worry about dropping or driving over it 

Waterproof - Up to 1 meter depth for up to 30 mins

Magnetic - Mount to your vehicle or place on the ground

Visible - Up to 1.6 km distance

Type LED Emergency Magnetic Flashligh
Size 100mm Diameter x 35mm Thickness
Weight 155g
Visibility 360° Up to 1.6km
Temperature (Celsius) -40 to 120°C
Voltage 3.6V
Current 0.5A
Power 2W

6 x SatPhone Shop LED Flares

2 x SatPhone Shop Carry Bag

1 x Quick Start Guide 

For more information on the SPS Road Flares please download the following:

SPS Road Flares Quick Start Guide

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