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SatPhone Shop now has a Travel bundle where you can get the all new Iridium GO! along with a SatPhone Shop Hard Case, with a custom foam insert, to transport the Iridium GO!


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Powered by the Iridium global satellite network, the Iridium GO! is a compact, rugged and portable device that creates a satellite-backed Wi-Fi hotspot, connecting up to 5 mobile devices such as your iPhone, iPad or Android smart device.


How it Works

You can now connect anywhere on Earth, even in places where you think it’s impossible to get a normal mobile connection, so long as the Iridium GO! unit has clear line of sight to the satellites. It’s as easy as connecting your smartphone or tablet with the GO! unit.  Watch the Iridium GO! tutorial to learn more.



Simply flip up the integrated antenna and the battery-powered unit connects quickly and automatically to the Iridium LEO satellite constellation to create an anywhere Wi-Fi hotspot within approximately a 30 meter (100 foot) radius.



Iridium GO! supports a full range of global communications, including:

•  Voice Calls

•  Email Access

•  Applications

•  Social Networking

•  Photo Sharing

•  SMS Two-Way

•  GPS Tracking

•  SOS Alert



The Iridium GO! is small enough to fit in your pocket, and like other Iridium devices, tough enough to withstand rain, sand, dust and rough use. It can easily be:

•  Carried or stowed in your backpack, or

•  Mounted in vehicles, aircraft and boats for mobile applications



Combining the best that both satellite and cellular phones offer, Iridium Go! is the first in a whole new category of personal satellite connectivity devices. It is also a powerful development platform optimized for Iridium partners to build applications.



Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android operating systems and supported by affordable plans that keep voice and data costs reasonable, the Iridium GO!:

•  Leverages and extends your existing trusted devices,

•  Allows connections to be shared among multiple users, and

•  Eliminates roaming charges


(Please Note: All SIM cards will be shipped 'de-activated' unless organised with SatPhone Shop prior to placing the order. Customers will need to call when they would like the card activated. Activations are Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5:30pm AEST)


Weights & Dimensions

•  114 x 82 x 32 mm

•  Weight 304g (With Battery Inserted)



•  Military-grade ruggedness (MIL-STD 810F)

•  Ingress Protection (IP65)


Easy to Use

•  Stable, lay-flat design

•  Flip up antenna

•  Built-in menu/status display




•  Interior: 16 x 9.3 x 7 cm

•  Exterior: 19 x 12.8 x 7.9 cm(IP65)



•  Body: Polycarbonate

•  Foam: TL-426 4lb. Esther

•  Latch: Xylex

•  Lid O-Ring: Thermal Plastic Rubber Liner

•  Pins: Stainless Steel

What's in the Bundle

•  Iridium GO!

•  Iridium GO! Battery

 Iridium GO! Standard USB Cable

•  Iridium GO! AC Wall Charger

•  Iridium GO! DC Car Charger

•  Iridium GO! Protective Cover

•  SatPhone Shop Hard Case

•  Legal Information Booklet

•  GEOS Emergency Services Brochure

For more information on the Iridium GO! please download the following:

Iridium GO! Brochure

Iridium GO! Manual

Iridium GO! Pre-Paid Customer Information

Iridium GO! Post-Paid Customer Information

           Iridium GO! App

In order to access the unique global communication features of Iridium GO! on your smartphone, you must first download the Iridium-optimized application. The app enables: Voice calling; SMS; Tracking; SOS; Twitter posting; Internet Call access.

            Iridium Mail & Web App

The Iridium Mail & Web app improves your access to emails and web browsing, including additional social media support, and photo transfer capabilities.

           Opera Mini / XWeb Browser Apps          

The Opera Mini and XWeb apps optimise web browsing for the Iridium GO! on your iPhone, iPad or Android smart device.


Third Party Apps

A full list of available third-party developer applications to support the Iridium GO! can be found online through the Iridium apps page at:

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