Terms & Conditions of Rental

The following terms and conditions apply to individuals and entities (the Customer) using and/or renting Communication Services and/or Equipment, including but not exclusively Iridium Satellite Communications Services provided by SatPhone Shop Pty Ltd (ABN 40 099 121 276).

Ownership agreement of Equipment and or/Services:

Renting of equipment and services from us, you agree to be bound by the following SatPhone Shop Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions. The Customer understands and accepts that all Equipment and/or Services remains the property of SatPhone Shop Pty Ltd. The customer will not lend, transfer hire, sell or anything thereof, any part of the Equipment and/or services under any circumstance. The customer may not use or permit another person to use the service in a fraudulent manner or to commit a criminal offence. The Customer agrees to provide reasonable co-operation in any investigation of unlawful use of Services and/or Equipment.

Use of Services:

The Customer acknowledges that SatPhone Shop Pty Ltd takes care to ensure that all Equipment is in correct working order prior to dispatch. SatPhone Shop Pty Ltd will accept no liability, nor pay compensation, for failure of the Equipment at any given time, or failure of the network or connection to the network. It is the Customers responsibility to read through any instruction manual(s) provided and test all equipment prior to leaving for their trip and advise SatPhone Shop of any and all issues. SatPhone shop shall bear no responsibility for failure of Customers not understanding the functionality of any Equipment and/or Service. SatPhone Shop Pty Ltd utilize the Iridium Satellite Network and other satellite/terrestrial networks as appropriate to the hardware offered at the time. Communication services maybe temporarily unavailable or limited for a number of reasons beyond SatPhone Shop’s direct control, and as such, SatPhone Shop shall not be liable to the Customer, nor shall the Customer make any claim against SatPhone Shop or its Suppliers, for any damage, loss of property, opportunity or earnings, personal injury, death or any other loss whatsoever sustained by the unavailability, delay, faultiness or failure of the Satellite Network and/or Equipment.

Renting Services and/or Equipment:

SatPhone Shop’s records indicate that the Customer has correctly completed the Credit Application form, Rental Agreement form, and all other forms required of them, and have requested the services and/or associated equipment. Orders for communication services and/or equipment maybe placed with SatPhone Shop via the following methods:

Phone Number: 1300 368 611
E-mail Address: sales@satphoneshop.com
Website Address: www.satphoneshop.com

The Customer accepts full responsibility for all Equipment and/or Services rented and undertakes to use the equipment in a proper manner and in accordance with any manufacturer and/or SatPhone Shops operating instructions supplied with the hire. By agreeing to these terms, the customer acknowledges that it is their responsibility to ensure the equipment is in working condition, and that they have read and understand the Operators Instruction Guide. All orders are subject to SatPhone Shop’s approval, and Rental Kit availability.

Damage, Lost or Stolen Equipment:

The Customer is 100% responsible for any damage to the Equipment. SatPhone Shop reserves all rights to charge/debit the Customers credit card for the full replacement cost of the Equipment and/or any repairs including freight charges. In the event the Customer’s equipment is lost or stolen, the Customer should notify SatPhone Shop immediately but will still be held responsible for all replacement, repair and/or freight charges. A police report will be mandatory upon any claims towards alleged loss or theft as evidence. The Customer must not under any circumstances, undertake or attempt any repairs to the Equipment, or send the Equipment to any repair agent, without written permission prior. For the avoidance of doubt, the following charges will apply to the Customer for any lost or stolen equipment:

Satellite Phones
  • Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone - $1595.00
  • Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone - $1845.00
  • Iridium GO! - $1145.00
SIM Cards
  • GO! Post-Paid SIM - $20.00
  • STD Post-Paid SIM - $20.00

Customers will also be responsible for any lost or damaged accessories at the retail price as list on the SatPhone Shop website.

Billing and Payment for Services and/or Equipment:

Full payment for hire is required prior to the dispatch of equipment. All fees and charges rendered by SatPhone Shop to the customer will automatically be charged/debited to the customer’s nominated credit card upon completing the rental booking process, regardless of the actual rental commencement date, to ensure the equipment is reserved for the Customer. SatPhone Shop will issue invoices via e-mail once the booking process has been completed. A hardcopy of the invoice will also be sent with the Equipment and/or service which will include all applicable taxes levied upon the transaction. Upon returning rental Equipment and/or Services, SatPhone Shop will complete any further fees/charges or refunds/credits within 5 business days, and issue a final Tax Invoice via email. As stated under ‘Airtime Rates and Charges’, in some cases there will be delays in retrieval of airtime usage information. In such cases SatPhone Shop reserves the right to bill the customer up to 90 days after the rental agreement has finished.

Extension of Hire:

Notice of a request to extend must be submitted in writing, via fax, or e-mail to SatPhone Shop Pty Ltd 48 hours prior to the end date on the Rental Agreement. Payment of extension of hire is required on notification that hire is to be extended and will be charged to the credit card on file. Penalties may apply if the notification is received outside if this 48 hour time frame. Extension hire rates will continue at the daily hire rate specified in the customer’s Rental Agreement. SatPhone Shop cannot guarantee that the extension will be possible as the equipment maybe booked for another Customer and in such case, must be returned by the initial agreed return date. Failure to do so by the Customer will lead to the Customer being charged all losses incurred by SatPhone Shop for not being able to supply the next customer.

Delivery and Return of Equipment:

All equipment shall be shipped from our Head Office in Mulgrave, Victoria. SatPhone Shop will use commercially reasonable best efforts to comply with the delivery terms requested by the Customer. SatPhone Shop shall not incur any liability to the Customer in the event of any delay. 

All shipping incurs a charge in addition to the items purchase price unless specified as ‘pick up’ during the time of order. All shipping is via standard road unless otherwise stated. The Customer understands that all Equipment and/or services are to be returned on, or before the return date specified on the Rental Agreement. The Customer acknowledges, and is responsible, for arranging to have the Equipment shipped back to SatPhone Shop on completion of the hire term. It is the customer’s responsibility to replace the Equipment if lost or damaged in transit. SatPhone Shop reserves all rights to charge/debit the Customer’s credit card if any additional freight charges incur due to incorrect and/or over size packaging.  The Customer will be charged the daily rental rate for each day the equipment is not returned by the agreed initial return date and will be responsible for any losses incurred by SatPhone Shop due to the late return of the Equipment. The customer agrees that if the rental is not returned at 30 days, from the initial rental agreement, and no attempt to contact SatPhone Shop has been made from the customer, the rental will be deemed stolen. A police report will be filed, the unit will be blacklisted, and that the customer will be charged for the replacement of all goods associated with that rental, as well as any additional fees associated with any losses incurred by SatPhone Shop.

Early Termination and Cancellation of Rental Agreement:

Any request to terminate the rental by cutting the rental term shorter or cancelling a booking agreement, will be at the absolute discretion of SatPhone Shop if any or all monies are refunded back to the Customer less and Administration Fee of $50.00. SatPhone Shop reserves the right to still charge the Customer the full rental booking fee if the Equipment and/or Service can no longer be rented out. SatPhone Shop may terminate the Rental Agreement at any time without notice if it suspects any violation of any terms and conditions, or unlawful use, of this Agreement. The Customer shall be responsible for all charges outstanding at the time of termination.


That Customer must provide SatPhone Shop with a Bond in such sum as we may reasonably determine. The Customer must pay the Bond in full at the beginning of the Rental Agreement. At the end of the Rental Agreement, once all Equipment and/or services have been returned and SatPhone Shop has verified that all products are correct in working condition with no damage, the Bond money will be refunded back into the Customer’s nominated credit card, less any applicable fees rendered during the rental term. The Bond amount is $100.00.


The Customer is aware that Insurance is offered for Rental Equipment and/or Services. Insurance is calculated at $3.00 per day and is non-refundable. Any insurance claims for lost or stolen products must be accompanied with a police report and statutory declaration. SatPhone Shop strongly recommends the Customer to take Insurance to protect against large replacement costs in the event the equipment is damaged/lost or stolen. Depending on the equipment, and potential unauthorized airtime use of the device, prior to it being reported as stolen, can exceed over $1500. If Insurance is not purchased, the Customer will be charged the full replacement value of any missing or damaged Equipment and Accessories, and/or any unauthorized use of Services. Any insurance claims will automatically forfeit the bond on that specific product.

Standard and GO! Post-Paid Airtime Rates and Charges:

The Customer is responsible for all outgoing calls/SMS’ made within, or outside of the Rental Agreement dates while the Equipment and/order Service is in the Customers possession. The Customers credit card will be charged/debited to accommodate the call and SMS charges incurred. Unless stated otherwise, all airtime rates are charged at the current airtime rates set out by SatPhone Shop at the time the contract is signed. Call rates are specified on www.satphoneshop.com. These charges can be deducted at any time during or after the rental agreement has been completed. SatPhone Shop reserves the right to charge and calls/SMS etc. up to 90 days after the rental agreement has been completed due to delays in the satellite network operators supplying call details to SatPhone Shop. A Tax Invoice will be supplied to the customer once call and SMS charges have been finalized. SatPhone Shop reserves the right to change any airtime pricing and/or plans at any given time. Where possible, SatPhone Shop will endeavor to give affected customers 30 days’ notice of any pricing change.

Indemnify and Limitation of Liability:

SatPhone Shop will not be liable to the Customer, its agent, third parties or any other person for any indirect, consequential, incidental or special losses or damage, loss of earnings, or personal injury however arising. The Customer indemnifies SatPhone Shop Pty Ltd against any loss or damage in relation to the use of the communication services, or attempted use of the communication services by any person connected to that service

Applicable Law:

This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of the State of Victoria, Australia. The Customer agrees that this is an application to SatPhone Shop Pty Ltd (ABN 40 099 121 276) for connection to, and the rental of communication Equipment and/or Services. The Customer acknowledges that SatPhone Shop may decline the application without providing the applicant with reason.

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