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    SatPhone Shop is a proud communications partner for Charles Werb and his Outeredge Magazine Team since 2015. We have supported Charles throughout his journey as follows:

a.Outer Edge Polar Challenge to Antarctica 2016,

b.1800 kilometer hike and packraft through Patagonia 2016,

c. Paddling around the Florida Islands in Solomon Islands 2016,

d. Competing in the World Ice and Snow Sailing Championships in Russia 2017,

e. World record attempt to snowsail on a glacier in Iceland 2018.

Traveling with an Iridium GO! Device, Charles and his team can connect to the Iridium Network with their smartphones, to make a call or send a text to family and friends in the most remote regions of the world.
SatPhone Shop, in partnership with OE Mag, has also sponsored the following events.

f. Women’s Adventure Film TourWomen's Adventure Film Tour video 

g. The Dawn Wall

Here are some of SatPhone Shop’s featured articles:

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