Iridium Portable Magnetic Auxiliary Antenna


The Iridium 9500/9505/9505A/9555/Extreme (9575) portable magnetic auxiliary antenna improves in-vehicle (land or marine) satellite reception, by allowing you to place the antenna in a better location with a more open view of the sky. With a convenient magnetic mount, this compact, pocket-sized antenna travels with you from vehicle to vehicle.


Telstra Special

The External Antenna is designed to allow you to use your phone while inside an enclosed area in close proximity to an open view of the sky. The External Antenna screws on to the TNC connector on your Accessory Adapter.

To install, hold the Accessory Adapter’s TNC connector in place while attaching the External Antenna and take care not to twist the wires. Then attach the Accessory Adapter with connected External Antenna to your phone and place the External Antenna in an area with a view of the open sky for use.

Dimensions & Weight

• Height: 52 mm
• Diameter: 35 mm
• Weight: 55g


• Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +70°C

What's in the Box

•  5.5cm Magnetic Mount Antenna with 1.5m cable

•  Antenna Instructions

      (Note: TNC Male Connector)

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