Iridium Intelligent Handset


Iridium Intelligent Handset provides a convenient user interface for supporting Voice and SMS services across a wide range of markets applications and is supported on the Beam Remote Satellite Terminal, SatDOCK-G and Extreme docking stations.



The Iridium Intelligent Handset supports voice calls as well as utilising the Iridium SMS service. DPLS0401 is compact and includes an inbuilt ring alert and hang-up cup for easy mounting and is supplied with a 1.5m extension cable, mounting bracket and joiner.


The Iridium Intelligent handset is compatible with:

•  Beam SatDock-G

•  Beam Drive Dock Extreme

•  Beam RST620B

•  Beam RST100B

What's in the Box

•  Iridium Intelligent Handset

•  Handset Hangup Cup/Cradle

•  1.5m Extension Cable

•  RJ45 to RJ45 Joiner

• Optional Hands-Free Operation

•  In-built Ringer

•  Mountable Hangup Cup

•  Simple RJ45 Connection

•  Extension Cables Available

•  Supports All Voice Services

•  Supports All SMS Services

•  Convenient Installation

•  Variable Ring Tones


Equipment Supported

•  Remote Satellite Terminal (RST100)

•  Fixed Satellite Telephone (RST620)

•  SatDOCK-G 9555

•  RapidSAT

•  DriveDOCK Extreme

For more information on the Iridium Intelligent Handset, please download the following:

Iridium Intelligent Handset User Manual

Quick Reference Guide - Iridium

Quick Reference Guide - Telstra

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