Iridium 9505/9505A/9555/9575 Hands Free Headset


This convenient headset provides both an earphone and microphone in one small piece for simple hands-free and private telephone conversations. The headset plugs directly into the jack on the side of your Iridium handset.


Telstra Special

The hands-free headset attaches to Iridium 9505/9505A/9555/9575 satellite phones with a 2.5 mm plug-in adapter. The earbud, microphone and retractable cord allow for hands-free conversations.


Plug the 2.5 mm adapter into the Iridium ear 9505/9505A/9555/9575 piece jack on the side of your phone and retract cord to desired length. Insert the earbud in ear and position the microphone near your mouth for optimal voice transmission.

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