Inmarsat Pre-Paid


Inmarsat Pre-Paid is a great option for those customers who are looking for a convenient pre-paid airtime plan, without long-term contracts or billing hassles. 

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Plans Price Units per VoucherValidity Approx. Mins Per Voucher 
ISATPP30DEXT $85 N/A 30 Days N/A
ISATPP50 $95 50 30 Days 30
ISATPP100 $185 100 90 Days 60
ISATPP250 $425 250 180 Days 165
ISATPP500 $795 500 365 Days 330
ISATPP1000 $1,395 1000 365 Days 650
ISATPP2500 $3,295 2500 365 Days 1500
ISATPP5000 $5,495 5000 365 Days 3000
GSPS Unit Deductions Units Per Minute 
Fixed, Mobile, PSTN, GSPS 1.5
SMS 0.6
Iridium 12.7
Thuraya 5.8
Other MSS Carriers 8
Inmarsat GAN/Fleet/Swift Voice 5.6
  • Vouchers can only be issued for SIM cards supplied by SatPhone Shop
  • Calls are billed for the first 30 seconds then in 15 second increments
  • All prices are in AUD and are inclusive of GST
  • There is No activation fee
  • All options are applicable to individual SIMs for Inmarsat only. Prepaid amounts cannot be dispersed against numerous SIM cards
  • Vouchers are valid from redemption as per the above expiry/validity period
  • To check your balance – Enter *106# on the main screen and press the green key. Your current balance and validity expiry date will be shown on the screen (this is free of charge)
  • If the SIM is topped up prior to the expiry of validity any unused units will be added to the new validity expiry date
  • Where the validity period expires any unused minutes will be lost
  • Once voucher is issued it cannot be refunded or returned
  • Voucher issue is electronic and supplied by email
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