Goal ZERO Venture 30 Portable Recharger

  • Built-In Micro USB Tip – Tangle-free charging for phones and tablets. Certified cables for efficient charging.
  • Solar Ready™ – Built-in Charging Tip. No extra cables to lose. Charge up in 4 hours from USB – in 9 hours of full sun from the Nomad 7.
  • Waterproof in Use – Dunk it, spray it, use it in the rain. Power that handles whatever Mother Nature can throw at you. No rubber plugs needed.
  • 30 Wh, 7,800mAh Power Pack – Power phones (2-3x), tablets (1x) and more. Lightweight and packable from the airport to the trail.
  • High-speed USB 4.8A across two high-speed ports capable of dishing out the fastest charge possible, at the same time. Power two devices at once or share with a buddy. Integrated Flood Charge optimizes your charging time.

The Venture 30 is more than just a battery, it’s a lifeline to adventure, a conduit for exploration.

The Venture 30 is perfect for keeping those small devices, cameras and tablets charged no matter the elements you may be out battling. With an IPX6 weatherproof rating and 7800mAh the Venture 30 will keep everything running smoothly.

Looking to charge from solar? We recommend the Venture 30 Kit for a self-sustaining power solution, or you can pair with any other Goal Zero Nomad solar panel to custom your charge times.


Device                                   Charges

Head-Torch                            5-10
Action Cam                            5
Smartphone                           2-3
Tablet                                     1


Specification                          Data

Charge by USB                       4hrs
Charge by Nomad                   7 8-16hrs
Battery Capacity                     30Wh
Weight                                    250g
Venture 30 Dimensions          11.4 x 8.25 x 8.25cm
Chainable                               No


For more information on the Goal ZERO Venture 30 Portable Recharger User Guide please download the following:

Goal ZERO Venture 30 Portable Recharger User Guide

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