Folding Antenna Bracket


Made of robust fabricated steel for maximum durability and with large internal space for protecting cables and hardware. This product can make your life easier when transitioning from city to bush driving, quickly changing the height of your vehicle.


The Folding Aerial Bracket is designed with versatility in mind offering 180 degrees of rotation for aerials, antennas, flags, small LEDs and spotlights. The bracket can be installed to roof racks and Pioneer systems and using a C-channel mount and direct attachment to most popular bull bar brands. The bracket also has the option of perpendicular or parallel mounting.

The 'knock-down' mount is suitable for all vehicle mount and wireless data antennas and allows for 180° of rotation. The 'knock-down' mount can be installed either onto a bullbar, roof rack or onto 'C' channel and can be mounted onto any angle, ensuring the antenna is kept in a vertical orientation. The knock-down capability can be altered by pulling the PVC handle to adjust or lower/straighten the bracket and antenna. A locking bolt is supplied for long term orientation.

  • Weight: 690grams, without antenna
  • Dimensions: Height 90mm, Folded height, 83mm, Width, 100mm - incl. handle
  • Construction: Black powdercoated main body, stainless steel components and black PVC handle
  • Polarisation: Vertical to horizontal with 180° rotation
  • Connector: 17mm antenna mounting hole
  • Aerial/antenna mount hole: 17mm diameter
  • Bull bar mount hole: 13mm diameter
  • Robust fabricated steel construction for the main body
  • A variety of mounting methods including direct attachment to most popular bull bar brands.
  • 180° of rotation with 7 steps
  • Anti-rotation hardware can be fixed by hand
  • Folding mechanism can be mounted perpendicular or parallel with the car
  • Large internal space for aerial hardware/cabling
  • Allows for higher placement of aerial for greater reception
  • Can be used with sand flags, aerials/antennas, small LEDs or spotlights
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