Beam Man Down Kit


The Beam Man Down Pendant is a user worn accessory (lanyard or hip holster) that works in conjunction with the Serial Gateway and wireless data equipment that can be connected to any Beam tracking hardware.



The pendant gives the user the peace of mind that a call for help is only a button press away. With its integrated motion sensor technology the pendant can recognize if the user has been incapacitated or is unable to press the alarm button.

Man Down Pendant

•  Outdoor Range: 300 - 800 m (Line of Sight)

•  Indoor Range: 25 - 150 m

•  Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to +45°C

•  Battery: 2x AA Alkaline (Use Only Duracell® MN1500 or Energizer® E91)

•  Dimensions: 37 x 37 x 90 mm


•  Connections: RS-232 to DCE

•  Dimensions: 72 x 32 x 18 mm

•  Power: DB-9, 3.9V or .65mm DC Jack, 5 - 32V DC

•  Accepts PPQ Messages

•  Creates PPEN Messages

•  User Worn (Lanyard or Hip Holster)

•  Large Single Emergency Button

•  Integrated Motion Sensor prompts alert notification when pendant is motionless for 60 seconds

•  LED Lights, Audible Buzzer and Vibrate Function for Tactile Feedback

•  12 Months Warranty

For more information on the RST410 Man Down Kit, please download the following:

RST410 Man Down Kit Brochure

RST410 Man Down Kit Manual

RST410 Man Down Kit Quick Start Guide

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