Beam EXTEND L20 Portable Power Bank


Stay charged anywhere you go with the BEAM EXTEND Li-Polymer Power Bank series; these portable lightweight power banks are the perfect power solution for camping, off road, traveling, hiking, and outdoors for people on the go. 

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The BEAM EXTEND L20 is a sleek and thin 20000mAh power bank that features the latest USB-C connectivity to provide quick and optimum power for your supported devices. The EXTEND L20 can simultaneously charge up to 3 devices and is fully capable of charging your smartphone or tablet several times over.  It is perfect for travel, on the road, on a boat or in a flight. You can also recharge the battery in a flash from empty to full capacity in less than 8-hours, saving you half the time compared to other models.

Beam L20 Portable Power Bank

Input/Output 1 – USB Type-C (18W)
(5Vdc 3A, 9Vdc 2A, 12Vdc 1.5A)
Input 2 – USB Micro-B
(5Vdc 2.1A Max)
Output 2 – USB Quick Charge
(5-6.5Vdc 3A, 6.5-9Vdc 2A, 9-12Vdc 1.5A)
Output 3 – USB-A Output
(5Vdc 3A)

Charging Time Less than 8 hours
Degrees C Degrees F
Storage +5 to +35 +41 to +95
0 to +40 +32 to + 104
Visual Interface 4-LED
Physical Interface Power On/Off Button
Dimensions mm inches
Beam L20 Portable Power Bank (L x W x H) 137 x 68.5 x 25.5 5.40 x 2.70 x 1.00
Box Dimension (L x W x H) 182 x 107 x 35 7.17 x 4.21 x 1.38
Weight g lbs
Beam L20 Portable Power Bank 346 0.76
Boxed Weight 400 0.88
Pack Capacity 20,000 mAh/ 3.7Vdc (74Wh)
Usable life 300 charge-discharge cycles minimum
Storage Life Requires recharging every 6-months if in storage
Protection Short Circuit Protection
Visual Interface 4 LEDs
Physical Interface Power On/Off Button, Battery Level Check

Kit Contents

  • L20 Power Bank
  • USB Micro-B Cable with Lightning Adaptor (30cm)
  • USB Type-C to USB Type-C Cable (30cm)
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Robust design with strong casing to protect internal components
  • High quality and long lasting li-polymer battery
  • Charges devices faster and offers more power
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to carry and store
  • Auto Detect device’s electrical requirements
  • USB-C input/output, more power to charge larger devices
  • 24-month warranty

Specifically designed for:

  • Smartphones, Tablets, Mobile Phones, MP4 Players, Gaming Devices, Digital Cameras, Action Cameras
  • Tested on Iridium GO!
  • Tested on ZOLEO
  • Inmarsat Phones
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